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We love to create insightful art…

Visualization is a powerful tool that depends on creativity and science. Its power lies in the ability to represent large amounts of information to a broad audience. Forming a narrative out of data can lead to invaluable insights. Our goal as designers is to make understanding complex information both easy and enjoyable for anyone.

Our Services


We transform data into visual stories for better understanding and give expert advice in data design and related fields to enhance communication.


Book a talk on the core principles of data visualization and how to use them to communicate effectively.


We provide data visualization and infographic instructional courses and workshops.

The Functional Art

An introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization, the communication of facts and data by means of charts, graphs, maps, and diagrams.

The Truthful Art

Explains how to transform elementary principles of data and scientific reasoning into tools that you can use in daily life to interpret data sets and extract stories from them.


“Alberto Cairo is a passionate promoter of effective communication with data visualization.  His blogs, tweets, books, and workshops share his insights and recommendations for all who want to learn more about best visualization practice.  Last year, he did a day-long workshop for us that was a huge success for all who attended including undergraduates, graduate students, faculty members and local public health professionals.”

John Bailer, Dept. of Statistics, University of Miami

“If graphic designer Nigel Holmes and data visualizer Edward Tufte had a child, his name would be Alberto Cairo. Cairo injects the chaotic world of infographics with a mature, thoughtful, and scientifically grounded perspective that it sorely needs. With extraordinary grace and clarity, Cairo seamlessly unites infographic form and function in a design philosophy that should endure for generations.”

Stephen Few, Author of Show Me the Numbers
“Alberto, like nobody else, understands and communicates the need to balance functionality with beauty. He is always clear that the right chart can be discovered only by exploration of your data.”
Andy Cotgreave, Senior Technical Evangelist for Tableau

“Alberto Cairo has been a tremendous help. He hosted several on-site seminars teaching the fundamentals of data visualization. Incorporating our own draft work, he helped participants put the seminars in context. Alberto Cairo is both highly effective and passionate about visual design.”

Jim Friedland, Director of Sales Marketing McMaster-Carr

“Many of us are really grateful to Alberto Cairo for inspiring us & helping through his books, blogs, speeches & postings. I especially appreciate Alberto’s curiosity & how he keeps on open mind. I also really like his depth & thoroughness which is reflected in the incredibly insightful explanations he gives when suggesting a certain data visualization approach. Alberto is a pioneer that is driving a movement with a few others to make it easy on the brain to process complexity.”

Marc Reguera, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft Power BI

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